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Who We Are​

The company Domingos Silva e Cunha, Lda., with the acronym DSC, is a family business established in the year 2001, by the initiative of Domingos Magalhães da Silva, with experience in the area since 1993. The need to establish the company emerges follows the development of a family business, at a private title, which had already a high growth potential at that time, particularly in the area of towel confection.


The core business of DSC consists of manufacturing and commercializing towels (bath towels, bathrobes, beach towels, tablecloths and other similar or derivative products). In this sense, the DSC provides services of confection of its customers' articles, inserting itself in the value chain of the same.


We invest in innovation, training and qualification of our collaborators.

DSC confeções domingo silva & cunha, lda
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