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Quality Policy

An essential tool for the reach of these objectives is the implementation and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, which allows a permanent identification and evaluation of the factors of dynamism and success of Domingos da Silva & Cunha.

The bases of our Quality Policy, which we seek for our collaborators to take and apply in their activities are: 

The continuous search for satisfaction and customer loyalty, essential for the sustained growth of the company and consolidation of our commercial relations;

The identification of the necessities and requirements of our clients, including the laws and regulations that apply to us, ensuring its full compliance;


The answer, quick and efficient, to the solicitations which are addressed to us;

The involvement, training and information, as practices inherent to the improvement of our processes;


The tracking market trends in which we position ourselves, including their risks and opportunities, looking also to be technologically modernized;

The definition of ambitious objectives, as the motor of continuous improvement of the performance of our Quality Management System.

The quality of our services is a guarantee of our competitivity.

DSC confeções domingo silva & cunha, lda
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